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i’m sorry, there was just too much exo all over my drafts for me to not spam them…
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and with that said i think its shinee sherlock spam time.
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hi new followers!

I’m guessing this is mostly because of the news spam, but I want you guys to know I don’t just post news!

so I hope you stick around through all the randomness that is my blog

yoroshiku onegaishimas!

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Hey guys!

I just wanted to give a huge shout out to all of you because you guys really do make tumblr the absolute best thing on the internet for me.

I just hit a goal number of followers and I really want to thank all the new guys out there today. Thank you so much for following me. It means a lot to me that you guys take the time to look at the multitude of things that I blog.

The point of this is that I was starting to think that I would never reach that goal because I kept getting unfollowers even when I was really close, and I even had one today. But I still reached it. So I’m really super happy today because of that.

And I just want to emphasize again that I super love everyone that follows me and reblogs me (even without following) and that I would love to talk to any of you about anything. If you have questions about a kpop group or jpop group or disney princesses or zelda or ANYTHING (seriously the weather) or just want to talk about life, or spread love of another fandom or just whatever you want to talk about, send me an ask. I love to get to know you guys.

And there have been a lot of name changes lately, so if I haven’t talked to you in a while it might be  because I have no idea who anyone is anymore! So please help me out and let me know, cuz I’m missing some of you guys.

Anyway. This is a really long post now. But basically I love you guys. Thank you for following me. I will love you forever! Feel free to ask anything ever.

K. bye :)

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alright kame spam is set for midnight!

so commencing soon.

but after that i will be computerless for a couple days.

see you sometime this weekend hopefully!

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so i made a news challenge post yesterday and then didn’t post it….

clearly i know what i am doing.

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so i’m kind of late on Kyu’s spam… oh well… i made new macros?
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It’s my tumblr anniversary!!

and i’m fully aware of my need of video editing skills…

anyway thanks to the following blogs for making this year on Tumblr so awesome ^^

ai-nante ~ javilind ~ starberry-cupcake ~ imaginativeninja ~ silkekim ~ humanbeatboxx ~ theonenamedminho ~ oppa-fighting

seriously. go follow them. they rock. thanks guys ^^

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